Mic Microphone Shock Mount Stand Holder Mount Clips for Studio Sound Recording

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Suitable for most 22mm Microphones.
Features an angle adjustment with locking knob.
Felt/foam insert to hold and protect microphone.
Can be as a very nice replacement shock mounts for most Small Diameter condenser microphones.
Removes mouse banging and keyboard thumping from recordings. Isolates mic from sound & vibration.
Material: Metal
Size: (Dia) x (H)2 x 6cm/0.79 x 2.36 inches(appr.)
Install a shock absorber Instructions
1. If you do not have a conversion screw on the mic clamp, insert the adapter nut on the shock absorber, and then align the nut at the top of the cantilever bracket with the top screw and tighten it. Good shock frame.
2. Select the appropriate angle (when the microphone is fixed on the microphone clip or shockproof frame, you need to pinch the frame of the shock absorber).
Note:This is not all capacitors are suitable for use (especially hand-held microphone friends please do not shoot! This is not applicable to the hand-held microphone, unless you own the sponge to fill it until it is available).
Package Included:
1 x Mic Shock Mount

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