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Kiravee Innovations Inc. is a local Fredericton incorporated start up company initiated by Kithsiri Jayasuriya [Ph.D., M.Phil. (UK), M.Sc., P.Ag], Ravishan Jayasuriya (B.Com undergrad) and Maduhupani Jayasuriya [Ph.D. (UK), M.Sc., B.Sc.]. The vision of the start up company is to create jobs in Fredericton by producing innovative tech or bio-based products through scientific research. However, in order to initiate scientific research program, it was necessary to find enough capital to cover the basic requirements for research, which was quite difficult in NB province in Canada. Therefore, the founders of the company decided to follow a different strategic pathway to find necessary monitory funding through a food business. However, the company has already started to do some research on the production of a line of cosmetics that are safer to users. We also are looking for more business opportunities in US and willing to communicate with any retailers in Maine and adjoining States. The most suitable way... More
Lexi Butler Designs
One of a kind handmade wire sculpted wire wrapped beaded gemstone and crystal jewelry in gold silver and copper. Featuring stylish awareness necklace, bracelets druzy cuffs, earrings, adjustable finger and toe rings, turquoise jewelry, infinity jewelry designed and handcrafted by Montana Made Artisan Lexi Butler