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Personal finance is the most common problem of most of us. I have tried lots of methods given in blogs to earn easy money, surveys etc. This is not about earning millions but just to be financially sound and satisfy your monthly obligations and stop reminders coming from nagging creditors.

You will be fine if you spend quite less than what you earn. This is the most important rule of your personal finance. Most people struggle to save some of their earnings, as their spending are huge especially during some festival seasons. For them, adopting a mandatory forced-saving would be the best by saving some bucks at every pay time. This is a simple strategy that one can try and it may be a bit different than what describes as forced savings in Economics. You have to believe that this method will be so effective and at the end you will be quite surprised to realize how much you have saved unnoticed. Similarly, it will be sound to save money by controlling your spending for shopping using online platforms which are operated by small companies as their overhead charges are unbelievably low. Although, virtually there are plenty of other ways to save money, practically it may be impossible depending on the person or time. Despite the fact that savings can save you up to some extent of your difficult situations, there are unlimited ways to earn extra cash to cover up some of your debts or vital purchases. However, all depends on your mind set when it comes to earn extra cash and you also have to have the passion for that. You have to navigate your mind to set positively towards extra cash in you wallet. Becoming a vendor

You can easily register for some of the online selling platforms. In some, you have to pay membership fee in addition to the commissions. Some other charges may also apply. Perhaps you might need to have product ID according to standards for selling items in these platforms. However, if you are capable of meeting all the standards required, then you have the advantage of selling items in big platforms where, competition may be high since they have lots of registered sellers. However, most importantly, they may cancel your seller account at any time with no any explanations. The is a very new platform which has identified the problems of small industrialists, individuals who wanna sell products on famous online platforms. This online market is built not only for selling products online. Any interested parties/vendors can contact and get registered as a vendor with your preferred vendor plan. When the vendor application is approved, you will get your own vendor store which can be administered by you. Thereafter, you are responsible for maintaining your own online store and your own inventory. Being our partners, we respect vendors and would listen and negotiate with you.Therefore, being a small industrialist, self employed or wanna sell new or used (quality) items, you have the opportunity through at no-fee plans.

For Professionals If you are a Professional, you can advertise any services that you are marketing, You may contact the site admin with a graphic banner of approx. 1300 x 400 pi. Ones the banner is accepted, the site admin will send you an invoice for the payment plan you select from the Table bellow. Commercials/Products
You can advertise any product or commercials as graphic banner of approx. 1300 x 400 pi. Ones the banner is accepted, the site admin will send you an invoice for the payment plan you selected from the Table bellow. How It Works

You may send an advertisement to the Admin of by clicking “ Contact Us” at the bottom of the Home Page. The advertisement should be typed in the “Body” field following the website Privacy Policy, The Admin will process the request and edit as appropriate according to the site policies. Ones the Ad is approved, you will get a confirmation email and an invoice for the payment. Payment Plan

The advertisement will be published ones we received the payment according to the payment plan you selected. An invoice will be sent to the email address you entered in contacting the site Admin. The payment should be made through a PayPal or Stripe account by clicking “Send” to the site PayPal email: and entering the Invoice number in the field of “Add Note”.

Banner Payment Plan ($)



1 month

2 months

3 months

6 months

1 year















Affiliate and Referral Program invites you to join our Affiliate and Referral Program. It gives us the ability to create affiliate programs with other online stores and websites. There are three levels of affiliation.

Level 1: Affiliate Lite Our customers can become affiliates and share a link of with their friends, family, co-workers, social media etc. When someone follows that link, the Affiliate gets reward points which can be spent in this store for purchases.

Level 2: Affiliate Pro

You may wanna go beyond that and make real money out of So it works the same way. The affiliate shares a link or places a banner which leads to and gets a commission. We offer various affiliate plans with rewards for showing a banner, customer clicks, sales, etc. We create advertising banners for affiliate websites. Affiliates place these banners on their resources, which helps attract new visitors to this store. The program keeps a full count of events, such as banner views, click-through's and registration of new users who come from affiliate websites. A monetary value is set for each and every event. The store administrator has a tool for tracking events involving affiliates and calculating accurate payouts to them. Affiliates can also view their event statistics in the customer area of this store. They will know their income from the affiliate program. Such transparency in the business relationship will facilitate effective work and create profit for both parties. All the commissions will be distributed among respective affiliates according to the plan by the software of this tore.

Level 3: Multi-tier Affiliate

Affiliates may bring more and more new affiliates to this store. For example, the first affiliate can bring five more and each of them will invite some more affiliates. Thus an affiliation pyramid will get more participants interested in the promotion of our merchandise.


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